COVID-19 Update

Your health & well–being are my top priority. For those clients who will be returning to face to face training, the following measures will be in place:

All equipment will be cleaned with an anti-viral cleaner after every client.

If training as part of a pair then you will not share any equipment during your training session.

All clients will be asked to wash their hands before their training session and at the end of their session. Alcohol hand gel will also be provided. If you have a hand sanitiser, please feel free to bring it with you.

Social distancing of at least 2 metres at all times.

I will wear a face mask if you would like me to do so.

Training will take place in the garden only, the cabin will not be used at all. Should you need to use the toilet in the house then anti-viral spray & wipes will be provided so that you can wipe down all surfaces before & after you have used the bathroom.

I have made some changes to the garden space to help ensure it is fit for purpose as a training area. There is now an astroturf area and additional provision so that equipment can be used outdoors. The training area is sheltered from neighbours views so that privacy is maintained.  Please remember to wear sun lotion and bring a drink to each session.

I will be offering paired training sessions (no shared equipment) in the garden but no group training of more than 2 people i.e. circuits etc. These will remain online until further notice.

If we all do our bit to go a little bit further than normal, in a bid to keep ourselves safe from contracting COVID-19, then we are doing our best. It goes without saying that you should follow the current advice from the NHS and self-isolate if you have any of the symptoms.

If you would like to discuss further at this stage then please get in touch. Thanks so much, everyone and I really appreciate all the support you’ve given me during lockdown.

Lisa Jarratt (Owner Downham Ladies Fitness)